Stock Buybacks Are Not the Enemy of Prosperity

Aug 10, 201817 minutes

A look at stock buybacks in light of recent criticisms in the news

Focus On The Fed

Aug 3, 201812 minutes

What is the Fed's proper role in the current economy?

Dividend Investing - It's What We Do!

Jul 20, 201819 minutes

Are you money “smart?”

Recapping The First Half Of 2018

Jul 13, 201824 minutes

A surreal beginning to the year

Why Are Markets "Running In Place"

Jun 28, 201818 minutes

Tax reform meets expectations, trade policy needs improvement

Tax Reform Giveth And Tariffs Taketh Away

Jun 21, 201810 minutes

Tariffs at War with Tax Reform

Dividend Investing: An Antidote For "Short-termism"

Jun 14, 201816 minutes

Dividend investing as a measure of the long-term health of companies

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