David and Kimberlee talk Fiduciary, Finance, and the Fiscal Feminist

Mar 21, 201843 minutes

Investment talk and everything in between

An Interview with Vontobel's Peter Newell

Mar 13, 201840 minutes

David L. Bahnsen Interview Vontobel's Peter Newell

Trump's Terrible Tariffs

Mar 5, 201826 minutes

David L. Bahnsen Breaks Down Trump's Tariffs

Recapping February in Markets

Mar 2, 201815 minutes

February - Up, Down, and All Over the Place in the Market

David & Peter Answer Listener Questions About The Bahnsen Group

Feb 16, 201842 minutes

Responding to Listener Questions

Analyzing the Market Drop with David L. Bahnsen and Brian Szytel

Feb 9, 201834 minutes

David Bahnsen and Brian Szytel cover the week's market moves

Let's Unpack 2018 in Markets So Far...and What to Expect Going Forward

Feb 2, 201825 minutes

CIO David L. Bahnsen recaps January's biggest market moves

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